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How to Show Before and After Photo in WordPress

Some sites want to show before and after shots of the same image. Normally you would use Photoshop or a similar program to set... Read more »

How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress

For styling tweaks you can easily add templates for your pages and even for single posts in your theme. But there are rare times... Read more »

How to Add Remote Media Libraries in WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for video publishers wanting to add their videos to their posts. However you will have to locate the video... Read more »

How to Add Emoji Support to Your WordPress Blog

Emojis are a fun ways to express yourself without the use of words. This is part of the reason they are so popular and... Read more »

How to Automatically Share Your Old WordPress Posts

Social networks are great ways to improve your site's traffic. There are social networks like Twitter and Facebook to help bring attention to older... Read more »

How to Add Staff Member Profiles in WordPress with Staffer

There are ways to add a staff member profile in WordPress. One way is to edit some of your files but a easier way... Read more »

How to Add Custom Fields to Comments Form in WordPress

WordPress has a built in comment system that will work for a large number of sites. Sometimes you want to add more fields to... Read more »

How to Update a WordPress Theme without Losing Customization

When you started your site you most likely copied snippets of code to add to your site and pasted them into your theme file.... Read more »

How to Notify Post Authors of New Disqus Comments in WordPress

Disqus is a comment system that many sites use to reduce the load on your site. Normally only admins and moderators are notified of... Read more »

How to Add Interactive Travel Maps in WordPress

If you run a travel site on your WordPress you may want a map to help show where you went. Normally this could be... Read more »

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