How to make an ONLINE SHOP with WORDPRESS, WOOCOMMERCE and X Theme

How to make an online shop with WordPress complete tutorial. Check the site made in this video here:

This video covers all aspects of how to make an online store with WordPress including:

Hosting and domain names
Installing and configuring WordPress
Installing and configuring Woocommerce
Installing and configuring X Theme
Styling the site
Adding products to the site
Setting up the shipping
Setting up payment providers including paypal
Basic onsite SEO
Setting up social sharing
Setting up product options
and much much more!

Chapter Timings:

Setting up your hosting: 4:34
Installing X THEME: 11:05
Exploring X Theme options: 19:00
Setting your logo: 19:48
Setting up the homepage: 22:41
Adding a slider to the homepage: 25:25
Styling the slider text: 29:00
Adjusting the site colours: 38:51
Adding Pages: 40:10
Changing the Permalinks (to friendly URLs): 44:10
Adding the main navigation menu: 45:25
Setting up Woocommerce (the shop!): 47:07
Adding the shop to the menu: 50:32
Adding products to the shop: 50:52
Adjusting Shop Button Colours: 1:00:21
Working with the shop page: 01:05:40
Working with the sidebar: 1:08:30
Using custom CSS to make design changes: 01:16:53
Continuing to build up the homepage: 01:19:38
Adding recent products to the homepage: 01:26:15
Adjusting fonts some more: 01:30:50
Adding content to the internal pages: 01:32:33
Adding space / gaps: 01:49:17
Hiding the page title: 01:54:39
Adding customer quotes: 01:59:40
Adjusting font size using custom CSS: 02:02:10
Adding contact forms to the site: 02:04:57
Configuring the website footer: 02:15:15
Making a product “featured”: 02:23:12
Adding a menu to the footer: 02:24:54
Adding a menu to a widget: 02:29:30
Adding social media buttons: 02:33:27
Adding a background image to the website: 02:35:17
Adding social sharing buttons: 02:38:58
Setting up the shop: 02:47:20
Adding the shopping cart to the menu: 02:50:20
Setting up shipping and payment methods for you shop: 02:55:06
Setting the name of your site: 02:58:28
Installing your SEO plugin: 02:59:05
Optimising products for SEO: 03:05:22
Adding Product options: 03:07:47
Customising the emails the website sends out: 03:17:25
How to add you twitter feed : 03:20:17
Adding a mail chimp form to the website: 03:28:29
setting up 301 redirects: 03:34:52
Making the website LIVE: 03:34:51
Setting up HTTPs and correcting links 03:42:41
Allowing Search Engines in IMPORTANT!: 03:45:59

Things mentioned in this video:

WP Engine:
X Theme:
Setting up product attribute video:
Creating a logo video:
Working with Slider Revolution video:

Find the CSS and more info on the blog post for this video here:

If you get stuck, please ask a question in the comments. Lots more videos at


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