How to Properly Ask for WordPress Support and Get It

Sometimes asking for assistance can be confusing or frustrating when dealing with WordPress. We understand the frustration of learning but there are some ways to make asking questions easier. In this video, we will show you how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it.

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Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Before asking for help know that anyone assisting you is most likely a volunteer since WordPress is an open source community.

To ask for plugin help you would go to the plugin’s page and it will have a support tab for the plugin.

Ensure you add as much information as you can in your initial question such as your WordPress version, plugin version, ect.

Add what you did and what you expected to happen as well as your hosting provider if you know it and any steps you have tried.

Allow for 24 hours to get a response as you don’t know which timezone the other person is in as well as their workload.

If dealing with a commercial plugin make sure you find the proper channels to ask your question as that will get you the best results.

While you are waiting for a response see if you can find a solution on sites such as WPBeginner.

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