Converting Hashtags Into Links Using JavaScript in WordPress

In this #WordPress tutorial you will learn how to use #JavaScript and Regular Expressions to turn blog post words with hashtags into clickable links automatically.

Here is the regular expression used in the video:

JavaScript replace() Method –

Regular Expressions –

Character Classes –

00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – Quick Overview
01:04 – SEO Concerns with JavaScript links
01:45 – The JavaScript querySelector
02:10 – What are regular expressions?
02:33 – JavaScript replace() method
03:06 – Regular Expressions more in-depth
06:18 – My WordPress setup
07:31 – Creating a test post
08:44 – Create the JavaScript file
09:43 – Selecting text with querySelector
13:46 – Fixing null error on other pages
16:03 – Using the JavaScript replace() method
19:19 – Testing if the hashtag replace works
20:41 – Finishing up with JavaScript’s innerHTML

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