How to Create a Light/Dark Mode Toggle Switch in Elementor With CSS and JavaScript – Web Storage API

In this #WordPress video tutorial you will learn how to create a customized toggle switch button that will allow users to change the design from light to dark and vice versa. We will use #Elementor to allow for a simple setup and then install the Simple CSS and JS plugin so that we can write out custom CSS for the dark mode and custom #JavaScript to make it function properly how we want it. Great tutorial for beginners or intermediate #CSS & JS users.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:35 – Quick Overview
00:02:26 – Browser compatibility
00:03:03 – What is client-side storage?
00:08:42 – A closer look at localStorage
00:11:57 – Getting started, my WordPress setup
00:13:07 – Creating the test page
00:16:04 – Installing Simple CSS and JS plugin
00:16:55 – Creating our JS and CSS files
00:17:35 – Testing and troubleshooting the JS file
00:21:36 – Creating the toggle switch with JavaScript
00:28:53 – Adding our dark theme CSS code
00:36:10 – Toggling our colour schemes
00:40:54 – Adding localStorage to our application
00:46:37 – Testing the final application
00:48:33 – Wrapping it all up – Thanks for watching!

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