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Remove WordPress Sidebar in Avada, Divi & 2017 Theme | WP Learning Lab

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You can WordPress remove sidebar using different techniques for different themes. In this tutorial I show you how to remove WordPress sidebar in Divi, remove WordPress sidebar in 2017 and remove WordPress sidebar in Avada.

We’ll start with the most difficult one, removing the WordPress sidebar in 2017 theme. This theme ships with WordPress in 2017 and the customizations are kept to a minimum.

This means that removing the sidebar is going to be a manual process.

The only good place to do it is right in the parent theme template files or the child theme template files if you created a child theme.

Either way, go to Appearance then Editor. In the list of files on the right find the single.php file. This is the template file for posts.

Inside that file you will find a function called get_sidebar();. If you add a PHP comment right before that function so it looks like this:

// get_sidebar();

That function won’t run. Update the file and load a post page. The sidebar should be removed. You may have to tweak the CSS if you want your content to be full width.

This fix works in the 2017 theme, but also a lot of other themes.

Next, let’s see how it’s done in the Avada theme.

The coding in Avada theme files is a little too convoluted to remove the sidebar directly in them.

Instead, Avada provides the ability to set the sidebar for posts using a metabox in the post editor.

This means you can choose different sidebars for different posts, which is pretty cool. And you don’t want any sidebars at all you can simply choose No Sidebar for all of the Sidebar selectors (there are two per post).

Then update the post and the sidebar will be gone. You’ll have to update every post this way.

In Avada, once the sidebars are removed the post content will be full-width with no CSS tweaks required.

Next, let’s look at the Divi theme. I think it’s the easiest of all.

You turn the sidebar on and off in the post editor here as well.

Above the Publish box in the post editor there is a Divi Page Settings box. In that box you can choose to turn the sidebar off. After you have done so, make sure to update the post.

Like Avada, you’ll have to update every post to remove all the sidebars.

Also, like Avada, when you remove the sidebar the content will go full-width automatically. No CSS edits needed.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.


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